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Is someone pushing you to make a decision or do something right now? If you’re not ready, you need to push them right back! But don’t get too dramatic about it. You’ll only make them defensive. Just be firm and stand your ground, that’s all. People will respect your boundaries if you make it clear where they are. You have the right to do things your own way, on your own schedule, no matter what other people say. Don’t forget that.

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If you let the inner turmoil spill out, you won’t like the consequences. You’re in a great place right now even if you don’t appreciate it. Work out the angst a bit. You’re no good to anyone until you toss out this emotional garbage.

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Do something today that is just for your partner’s benefit, like taking care of a chore they’ve been putting off. An act that is truly selfless will be quite meaningful to them.


If there were too many details for you, then you’d be in the wrong line of business. This entire mess is right up your alley. In fact, it’s a challenge, so dig in and enjoy.



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