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If someone is flirting up a storm with you right now, be aware that there might be no follow-through. This could be a situation in which they’re more interested in eliciting a reaction out of you and pushing your buttons than building a real connection. If you want to play along, you should. But if you think there is real substance beneath all their shine, you could be mistaken. Figure out how you feel before asking them their intentions, if you decide to ask at all.

Singles Lovescope

Do people think you’re easily distracted? It’s true sometimes, of course, but today’s energy helps you concentrate more deeply and work for the long haul. Use this for some matter of the heart.

Couple Lovescope

That mind of yours is expanding in all sorts of ways, and your intellect’s demanding all kinds of food for thought. How about starting a mini book club with your partner?


Money worries have you feeling more like a wild animal than a sophisticated human. Remind yourself of how financially savvy you once felt not that long ago. Let that image of yourself be your motivation to keep going, because you have a lot to do that’s more important than succumbing to fear.



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