Daily Forecast Capricorn 05-07


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You’re still worried about that certain work issue, something you really should have been able to let go of several days and maybe even weeks ago. But when you decide it’s time to focus, there’s really no talking you out of it. A lot might be going on, but getting too involved in it won’t help. You have another day left to distract yourself. Use it well.

Singles Lovescope

A break from your routine would be great today, and being super observant should really pay off in the romance department. Look at life with fresh eyes. You should really like what you see!

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Being part of a duo doesn’t mean you two share a brain. Speak your mind even when you know it contradicts your partner. Remaining independent in your ideas and opinions makes the relationship exciting.


Email, cell phone, instant feed — make sure you are crystal clear, whatever means of correspondence you prefer. Your thoughts might be misread, and in today’s climate, that could be the final straw.



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