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If anyone is famous for being able to withstand anything and everything with compassion, understanding, and sensitivity, it’s you. You’re usually quite able to keep your temper under wraps too. At the moment, however, it won’t be easy for you to hide anything you feel, for better or worse. You’ll also surprise everyone around you with your reactions. If you’re accused of overreacting, hang in there. Just because they’re not used to seeing you this way doesn’t mean you’re not justified.

Singles Lovescope

Avoid shooting yourself in the foot by taking on unrealistic goals. If you set out to meet someone, fall instantly in love, and move in by the end of next month, you’re sure to fail! Try just talking to one new person every day.

Couple Lovescope

This relationship is in just the right place to move forward. You and your partner should set your intention toward your desired goal. Even if no great leaps occur immediately, change is in the works.


Finishing what you start is more than your mother’s old lamentation. It’s also the law of the land. You don’t have to give it your best. You can do a slap dash job or a hurried job, but something more is required of you before you take on anything new.



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