Daily Forecast Capricorn 05-27


Capricorn Daily Forecast

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Your ambition is starting to get revved up today, thanks to the inspiring progress a friend or coworker has made. But before you follow in their footsteps, you have to figure out what you’ll do once you reach your destination! Moving forward without a plan is only going to result in you getting lost. So hold off making any big moves today — wait to see how things pan out for other people. You need to plan your career goals out completely before you pursue them.

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The hours you’ve spent working out are starting to pay off. You’re looking better than ever! Dress right to show off your newly sculpted body and get ready for people to be impressed.

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Be willing to consider a new point of view today. Your lover has some ideas that seem pretty different at first, but once you sit with them for a while, you’ll come to see the benefits.


It’s a jungle out there, and you’re clinging tightly to the vine. Don’t let go. You may not go forward or backward but you could have a good time swinging from side to side.



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