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You’ve been waiting for the right moment to let someone know you’re not a child anymore, you’re perfectly capable of making your own choices, and you don’t need their advice. And you had just about decided to make the announcement when you realized they actually had something quite valuable to share. Better hold off on the declaration of independence for a bit.

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If you’re tired of taking on all the responsibility when it comes to planning dates, it’s time to state your needs clearly. You could use more of an effort on their part, so tell them openly and honestly.

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Another person can’t be responsible for your sense of fulfillment. You have to be in charge of that. So lift that burden from your beloved and you’ll see how much more room your relationship has to breathe.


Someone in your circle pulled off quite the big achievement yesterday and is still glorying in it. They deserve it. Have a big heart and let them know just how much you admire their work.



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