Daily Forecast Capricorn 06-04


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Today your charms are like magic: downright intoxicating but dangerous in large quantities! Like putty in your hands, those to whom your charms are applied will be all too happy to comply with your wishes. You don’t have to go for the hard sell in order to get what you want. You just have to tell them how much fun they can have if they do what you’re telling them to do. This power you have makes it a great day for planning a new social outing. Any idea you come up with will be met with applause.

Singles Lovescope

Make a splash today! Skip the normal in favor of the extraordinary. Talk to that one hottie who might not quite be your type or try something new to loosen up. Practice makes perfect!

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It’s normal to look to your significant other for a sense of who you are, but remember that the person who has the final say in your status quo is you. Accept all opinions and support, but be your own best advocate.


You don’t have to change everything in your life to make big improvements. Sometimes the subtlest changes can have the most profound effects. Look for ways that aren’t obvious and don’t take a lot of money. Work from there.



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