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Beware of the people who boast about their achievements today. You don’t brag about how great you are. Choose to let your actions and behavior speak for you. When people resort to tooting their own horn all the time, it’s because they don’t have any other way to show people what they’re capable of. These people lack substance and should be avoided at all costs. They’re a waste of your time, especially on a busy day like today.

Singles Lovescope

If you’ve got a date, prompt them to reminisce about their past. You’ll learn a lot. If not, watch an old movie or read a classic love story and look for your lesson there.

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Try not to worry too much about any misunderstandings that arise now. They’re symptomatic of nothing more than the day’s energy. The two of you will be back on track soon.


Don’t let something like bills get the better of you. Deal with things quickly and effectively. Why save the best for last? Pull out some of your hidden strengths before you think you need to and tackle them head on.



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