Daily Forecast Capricorn 06-09


Capricorn Daily Forecast

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Everyday events and typical conversations take on more significance today. You are able to see the hidden meanings just under the surface, which will put a whole new slant on what is happening on the surface of things. This insight could be extremely useful, especially if you use it in a work context to get one step ahead of your competition. Knowing things that other people don’t know is one of the most valuable of all assets.

Singles Lovescope

E-mail and phone just don’t work for you today. Show your interest with a single rose. Thank your friend for listening with homemade cookies. Find new, more creative ways to make your point.

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Pay attention to the small stuff today. The big picture can wait its turn. You’re going to want to surprise your partner with something that might not make much sense to them until you explain it.


You are underwhelmed. It’s a good day to sit around like a bump on a log. There will be no money lost because of your slothful ways, as long as you don’t let it become a habit.



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