Daily Forecast Capricorn 06-15


Capricorn Daily Forecast

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Whatever is most important to you is something the rest of the world is sure to hear all about soon. That’s even more true for the loved ones you’re spending most of your time with, of course. There may be a few surprises on the way. In fact, it’s near certain, given that things probably can’t work out exactly as you’d hoped. No worries. If anyone is creative when it comes to surprising loved ones, it’s you.

Singles Lovescope

Work concerns might overshadow your social or romantic plans right now. And even if you get out and about, you’ll likely be distracted. It’s a little frustrating, but your heart can’t always set the priorities.

Couple Lovescope

Add an element of fantasy to your romantic life today. Use your imagination to come up with a scenario that appeals to both of you. Just talking about it will put you in the mood.


Your ego can take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’. Stressed? You? Never. You just sit back and watch yourself deal with one problem after another, and your boss is the least of them. Your confidence alone is worth more than gold.



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