Daily Forecast Capricorn 12-01


Capricorn Daily Forecast

Singles Lovescope
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Something is definitely getting started right now. Is it the very beginning of a love affair? Or the rekindling of an existing love that’s been smoldering quietly and is ready to burst into flames? Is it a life-expanding new friendship that’s just getting started? It could be a combination of things. You’ll only know once you find out, so go find out. And have fun!

Singles Lovescope

Expect positive responses to any flirting you do today. If you’re looking to make some plans with new prospects, you could soon find your days booked solid!

Couple Lovescope

It’s up to you to adapt gracefully to your partner’s weirdness rather than the other way around. Things will get back to normal pretty soon, so try to keep the relationship nice and friendly.


You’re picking up a new trick or two as you go along. It’s not just the money they save you that delights you, though. Simply learning about them is enjoyable. It reignites a passion for learning that you thought had gone out long ago. Who would have thought the spark could be something so lackluster.



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