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No e-mail should be sent today without you double-checking it first. Besides spelling errors, how is the tone? Are you coming off as sarcastic or mean? Your communication could be easily misconstrued today if you aren’t careful. Sure, you know what you mean, but the person on the other end doesn’t. If you don’t have the time to ensure perfection in your written words, try to speak in person or over the phone. It’s the safest tactic for you today.

Singles Lovescope

Pay attention to your dreams for hints at what your subconscious wants. We often repress desires without realizing it. Stop over-rationalizing and give into a fantasy or two.

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The love you’re feeling right now is magical. Everything is falling into place and you couldn’t be happier. Enjoy this special time, and know that you deserve every minute of it.


You wouldn’t recognize a good forgery if you saw it, so you’ll have to count on the honesty of those you’re dealing with instead. Focus on them instead of the objects in question. You’ll know the fake among them right away.



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