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Capricorn Daily Forecast

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Having a healthy sense of ambition is fine, but be careful not to let your drive for success send you too far down the wrong road. An opportunity will come your way today that initially has you rubbing your hands together in anticipation. This is right up your alley, and it’s what you’ve been waiting for! But upon closer examination you will see that this isn’t everything you thought it was, and it might not take you where you want to go.

Singles Lovescope

Pinning it all on one person just doesn’t make sense. You need to diversify to boost your chances for romance. Start a few flirtations today. The most unlikely person might be the you like the most.

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Take your sweetie out for an unusual dinner tonight. Dining in a place where you sit on cushions on the floor or eat with your hands creates an intimate mood that will inspire you later in the evening.


You’ll feel transported to other planets tonight without even leaving the ground, much less the stratosphere. The trip will be over with unconscious speed, so enjoy it while it lasts. Then, it’s back to such earth-bound things as making a buck and perseverance.



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