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One of the best traits anyone can possibly possess, especially in times like these, is adaptability. You have that quality down pat, and it’s certainly going to come in handy. The last thing in the world you were expecting is exactly what you can expect right now. Fortunately, you’re always open to new and exhilarating experiences, so you won’t mind at all, but you might be called upon to help a friend who isn’t quite so flexible.

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Don’t get upset if things don’t progress as much as you’d hoped. Whether it’s a work goal, home improvement project, or a personal milestone, allow for some elbow room when it comes to deadlines. Be flexible.

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Tie on an apron and cook up a little something special for your loved one tonight. Don’t know your way around a stove? Serve your takeout on some nice plates and no one’s the wiser. Just don’t forget to hide the boxes!


Just like money set aside for a rainy day, your hidden talents are kept up your sleeve for a reason. You need them now, so pull them out with a flourish. The grander the gesture, the higher the dividend.



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