Daily Forecast Capricorn 12-16


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You place quite a bit of value on time alone, no matter where you are. Your privacy is pretty darned important, too, so when the opportunity to ditch the world for the next 24 hours presents itself, you’re torn between giving in to that impulse and taking a friend along. If you opt for door number two, be sure that they’re up for some deep conversation, because you never settle for anything less.

Singles Lovescope

Patience. It’s not just your great-grandmother’s middle name. It’s something you would do well to cultivate early in a potential relationship. Give them as much time as they need.

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You’ll gain new insight into how your partner’s mind works today. When you have a better understanding of where they’re coming from, their actions will make more sense to you.


Your inner power struggle has you tied in a great, big knot. Should you go the safe route or take radical steps? Letting your indecision keep you at a standstill would be the most outrageous outcome of all.



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