Daily Forecast Capricorn 12-26


Capricorn Daily Forecast

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You have a fuzzy view of an issue today, but that might be for the best. Too many factors are yet to be determined. There’s no point in pushing people to give you the information you seek. Any aggressive energy will only push them away. Instead, distract yourself with some fun errands or tasks you’ve been meaning to do. Keep yourself busy until things are clearer.

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Curiosity killed the cat, but your own inquisitive nature has those you talk to purring like kittens, pleased as punch at the interest you’re taking. Ask big, deep questions and then more to follow up.

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Everything in its proper place creates a welcoming space for the two of you. That doesn’t just mean tidying up your physical space. What about stray or energy-sapping thoughts? Clean those up as well.


Don’t stray far from the beaten path. After all, the direction you’re considering is the road less traveled for good reason. Conjure up your visions of the future to see if any of them include an approach from the angle you’re contemplating. If not, then being mainstream is your only real option.



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