Daily Forecast Gemini 04-08


Gemini Daily Forecast

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You need some help to get where you’re going today. Of course, you’re great on your own, better than most, and well known for doing amazing work independently. It’s just that for now your personal energy responds better to teamwork. Any brainstorming session is bound to be incredibly inspired. If you can fit some social time into your busy schedule, so much the better. You make everyone feel just right.

Singles Lovescope

Learning new things, tasting new foods, seeing new and unusual art, all of this lights up your already shiny energy even more than usual. Enjoy it and show off a little!

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Use a surprising power and give your partner some major support in their work. However, it’s up to you to take the initiative.


Preparation time is important, but you’re beyond ready. There’s no way to think this one through. The only way to get to the bottom line is to dig into the numbers.



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