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Gemini Daily Forecast

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Your real life and fantasy life are at odds right now. It seems like your head might be too high in the clouds. You need to focus more on keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground. This disparity only increases as the day moves forward, and you might get a shocking dose of reality when you least expect it. You can choose to keep on your rose-colored glasses or take them off immediately and face the harsh light of day. Either way, you’ll end the day back in the right mindset.

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Is that second cup of coffee doing nothing to jump-start your day? Perhaps you need something more than caffeine to rev up your energy. Put on your headphones and listen to some up-tempo techno. Ask that cutie for music suggestions!

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The two of you are growing together, even if you haven’t been able to see that lately. Now is a good time to check in and make sure your partner is feeling the same way you are.


You’re feeling so warm and fuzzy you’d happily throw your coat down over a puddle. Heck, you’re willing to be a doormat if Manolo Blanhiks are crossing the threshold. Your challenge is to end the day with more than a shred of dignity.



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