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Stop worrying about that authority figure who’s been avoiding you whenever you ask for a meeting about that raise, promotion, or bonus. When the time is right, they’ll be supportive and quite helpful. Keep the conversation informal, friendly, and casual. Once the subject does come up, and they’ll raise it if you give them a chance, it will go along smoothly.

Singles Lovescope

Why wait to start celebrating your love? Declare today your pre-anniversary with your future mate and have a blast! Your sweet flirtation makes everybody happy, so get started without delay and make the day special.

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Be generous when it comes to work and love. In work, give it your all. In love, give your sweetie (and yourself!) the benefit of the doubt. A little extra kindness goes a very long way at times like these.


It’s a good time to implement some of the way out things you’ve always dreamed of. And why not? You don’t have anything left to lose. Dig into your bag full of ideas and pull out one you’d like to take a shot at.



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