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Changing your daily routine sounds a lot easier than it is, there is no doubt about that! But the efforts you are putting forth to find a better way of doing things will definitely be worth it. Not only will they make your life more interesting, but they will also keep a certain someone more interested in finding out what your next move might be! Every once in a while you have to do something to ensure that you are not getting stuck in a rut, and right now is a perfect time to do it!

Singles Lovescope

You’re no stranger to heartbreak, but now is still the best time to open yourself to new beginnings. Give this new person the benefit of the doubt. Not everyone who comes your way has a hidden agenda, and you know it.

Couple Lovescope

You should try to hold off a bit when your partner pushes too hard. Your resistance to pressure might come across as a bit desperate. Explain that you’re not up for a struggle and leave it at that.


Put your drive for success on hold. It’s time to slow down and enjoy life. The start of a new season brings all kinds of change, so force yourself to enjoy some leisure while you can.



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