Daily Forecast Gemini 05-02


Gemini Daily Forecast

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Your impatient half is going to dominate your patient half today, which could lead you to make some hasty decisions. In an effort to get projects or chores out of the way, you could be choosing a short-term answer that has long-term, negative ramifications. But quick fixes don’t work for long, so you can expect some of your haste to come back to haunt you unless you double-check your work. Save yourself some headaches later by getting things right the first time.

Singles Lovescope

Emotions always run rampant when you’re excited to get to know someone better. Hold off on being too touchy-feely in the beginning. There will be plenty of time for passion if you play your cards right.

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There are only so many ways to say “I love you.” Or are there? With a little imagination, you can come up with some clever new ways to share that sentiment with your partner.


Lack of funds brings the most unlikely people together. You’ll be sharing time with some who are way less organized than you are. If you can’t whip them into shape, then have some flexibility.



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