Daily Forecast Gemini 05-07


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Right now, a bit of risk is something you should embrace with all of your heart and not run away from! The exciting opportunity that arrives today might intimidate or even frighten you a little bit, but if you focus on the potential rewards it could bring you, you’ll find yourself more and more willing to take the chance. Go for it! A new beginning is coming, and it will give you the confidence to move in a new direction in life. The future looks good!

Singles Lovescope

Some days when you see somebody you really want to go out with, you should make a move right away. Other days, and today could be one of them, it’s better to wait.

Couple Lovescope

Romance isn’t all serious talks about the future, it should also be fun! Indulge your childish sides today and watch cartoons in your pajamas. Eat ice cream for dinner if you want — there’s no grown ups to say you can’t!


Being your own boss can be a problem. If you’re solely responsible for where your money goes, then you should be calling yourself on the carpet right about now. Rise to the challenge.



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