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You have something you need to share, but if it’s personal and you’re not quite comfortable with it yet, hold back for a bit. You usually have no problem keeping quiet about others’ secrets, but being quiet about your own is quite a bit harder for you. That doesn’t mean you should never share, just that you need to take care when deciding who gets to hear the news and when.

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You are radiant now! No matter where you go, heads turn. If someone just can’t keep their eyes off you, turn that into an opportunity to start chatting.

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It’s so tempting to drift off into fantasyland, especially once you and your partner start talking. Instead, concentrate on what’s right in front of you. There’s a ton of things to finish up today.


Face it, your entire way of looking at money is out of sync with the new reality. Don’t try and fight it; just let it go with grace and dignity. Your only option is to go back to more old-fashioned methods, like discipline, discipline, and more discipline. It works.



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