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There’s a magnetic pull tugging at you today. Your friends are dying to get some of your free time, and they’re pulling out all the stops to try to get some! Their tantalizing offers for good times are flattering, but today you have to keep your priorities straight. And unfortunately, painting the town red doesn’t rate above getting your work finished! Don’t put off the boring stuff just because it’s boring. Get it done as soon as you can and then you can hang with your favorite people.

Singles Lovescope

Not all first dates need to be deep and meaningful. In fact, your best bet at having fun with someone new is to keep the tone carefree and casual, whether it’s online or meeting in person. Don’t put added pressure on yourself to make this the best date of all time. Relax and be yourself.

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The problem: You’re so concerned with weighing all the pros and cons and being fair that you’re losing sight of the long term between you and your partner. Pay attention to your feelings, and go with your gut.


Your subconscious is sending up more signals than you can possibly read. Don’t kid yourself that you can pick a winner while you’re in this state of mind. You can’t tell the real thing from a fake and everything that glitters in the sun is enticing. Resist.



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