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Today, someone you love may need some cheering up. They are doubting themselves a little bit right now, and you are in the best position to put them back on the track to self-reliance. You’ve been where they are right now, so you have unique insight on how they are feeling. Lend your support. You can start with a relaxed conversation about their problems. You don’t have to take on the burden of solving their problems — you just have to get them talking. That’s all they need.

Singles Lovescope

Lately you might you feel as if your friends are hiding behind emotional curtains. Make a real effort to figure out what exactly they’re hiding. They can reverse this trend, and honesty breeds romance.

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Being able to make a decision is almost more important than the decision itself, especially if you and your sweetie pie have been dithering when it comes to this issue. When it gets right down to it, what do you want?


Your career may have skyrocketed but you are still feeling at loose ends. You need to feel like you belong to a social group or are useful to others in some emotional way. Put your ambition aside for the day and come up with a list of the things that would make you feel complete, other than work and money.



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