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It’s way too easy to let other people take control. While it’s actually quite healthy for you to step back and hand over one or two of your responsibilities, it’s not wise to completely disconnect yourself from the work at hand. There is a difference between delegating a job to someone who could use the opportunity for some hands-on learning and getting something off your plate just so you don’t have to deal with it anymore, and you know it. So trust yourself.

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The thrill of the chase isn’t enough. Think of your love life as being on sautĂ© rather than flambĂ©. After all, you want to be in a situation for the long haul, not one that will give you a quick (if dramatic) burn.

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Repeating your opinion over and over might just make your partner angry instead of convincing them that your point of view is correct. Live and let live and you’ll find a lot more peace.


You have no feeling of ownership when it comes to certain projects. If the one who wraps things up is the one who makes the money, then you definitely want to stay on the clock until the job is done. But if not, then you’ll gladly let someone else finish what you’ve started.



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