Daily Forecast Gemini 05-31


Gemini Daily Forecast

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Speaking of plans, don’t be put off if you run into a snag in yours. For the next couple of days, getting where you want to be could be tough, and getting in touch with someone you’re trying to reach could be even tougher. That doesn’t mean you should give up. Your perseverance is the stuff of legends, and anyone who is deliberately avoiding you would obviously have to be a glutton for punishment.

Singles Lovescope

Everyone’s willing to listen today. You’ve got the perfect venue to share ideas, so don’t keep them to yourself. The right people are there for you.

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Avoid a power struggle with your partner today by finding a compromise that allows you to each get what you want. You may find doing what pleases them is exciting for you, too.


You have been dutifully glued to your career and now you get to start leaning toward family. Ah, the weekend beckons. Whether or not you’ve made your fortune can wait. Put those worries out of your mind until Monday.



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