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It seems like everyone in your immediate vicinity has been given a mission impossible, and they’ve all chosen to accept it without informing you. Meanwhile, here you sit, feeling like you might get knocked over in the ensuing fracas. Even if you’re not in the middle of the action, you’re really the only one getting things done right now, most of all because you understand the value of hard work over putting on a good show.

Singles Lovescope

The solution to a romantic puzzle could come to you in a flash now. Or perhaps a sweet secret is about to be revealed by you or to you. Whatever happens, it’s bound to be intense and very interesting.

Couple Lovescope

Yes, you are an exceptionally powerful person. Just don’t let that power go to your head. Acting as if you’re superior in this relationship (or anywhere, for that matter) will just lead to trouble. Stay humble.


What others consider a chore, you look at as a satisfying intellectual exercise. In fact, it’s your idea of a good time. You wouldn’t go so far as to choose it for yourself, but since it’s being imposed on you, dig right in and enjoy.



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