Daily Forecast Gemini 12-04


Gemini Daily Forecast

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You’re feeling the need for someone to help you start thinking more positively right now. Your own ability to stay focused on good thoughts is getting challenged. Set aside some time to hunker down and talk with the folks you care the most about right now. Those who know you best will be able to say the right words to put a smile on your face. This is the start of a contemplative phase in your life in which you will rediscover a talent you’d taken for granted.

Singles Lovescope

All the world’s helpless before your sultry sex appeal, and you appreciate the massive attention. At the same time, you can’t quite make up your mind. Don’t fret — it’s a great problem to have.

Couple Lovescope

You and your partner share a strong connection today. Your energy levels are perfectly matched, and you’re both open to new ideas. Share what’s on your mind and know you’ll be understood.


You don’t want to play nice. You don’t even want to be polite. With an attitude like yours, you’d be doing all of your friends a favor by holing up alone. You won’t, though. To break the spell, share something really important to you.



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