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If you start this day in the wrong frame of mind, it could turn into one of those days when it feels like everyone is purposefully trying to get in your way or slow you down. To avoid this frustration, you need to start the day as socially as possible. Get yourself used to the energy of strangers. Visit a busy coffee shop, run some morning errands, or take public transportation. Being alone too long in the morning will make you too sensitive to stay peaceful.

Singles Lovescope

Everyone has their own ideas about how and where to find love. You know that it’s present wherever you go, of course, and you should feel comfortable exploring your own way of doing things.

Couple Lovescope

You should tread lightly this morning because your partner might be a little more sensitive than usual. You’ll manage okay, and this evening you’ll be feeling fantastic together.


You’re lost in your own thoughts today, and not in daydreams, either. You’re calculating, mentally erasing and calculating again. Don’t quit until you figure out exactly how to get to the desired bottom line.



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