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It doesn’t matter whether you’re actively looking to add some romance to your life right now or not. Today you’ll be unable to escape the flirtatious energy that is flowing all around you. People will be much chattier with you than usual, and one or two of them might even let something downright saucy slip out! Keep your wits about you though, because saying yes to a flirtatious proposal could land you in hot water if you’re not careful.

Singles Lovescope

Your flow of energy is high today. No need to supplement with caffeinated drinks. Tackle projects that have been vexing you for a while, then use this newfound stamina to have some fun.

Couple Lovescope

There’s much to admire about you two, but lately you’re feeling like you have to live up to your reputation to make others happy. In the long run, that’s wear and tear on your relationship. Set your own standards.


The more irritating projects become, the more you want to retreat. Don’t. Take the bull by the horns, if only to get it over with once and for all. You’re on the hook for too much money to wave the white flag.



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