Daily Forecast Gemini 12-16


Gemini Daily Forecast

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There’s so much activity going on in the universe that some of it just can’t help but trickle down to where you’re sitting right now. Since you’re a veritable magnet for fiery action, you can expect that you, above all others around you, should be prepared for business, but you might also want to warn your loved ones to get ready too.

Singles Lovescope

You may become attached to someone, but it could border on obsessive. Step back and give everyone some space. Your neediness could scare them off. Take a break and then revisit things.

Couple Lovescope

Ask for a clue from the universe and you’ll soon get more information about what you and your partner should do next. Until then, learn to enjoy the gray area. Stop rolling your eyes! It’s possible!


The financial landscape may look completely different but you don’t have to change your approach to match it. If you must do something differently, change your style, but only in the most subtle of ways.



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