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Being as sensitive as you are is all too often considered a negative trait, but it also means that you’re totally engaged with the world with all your senses and all your heart. Now is the time to let go of your fears and let those sensitive nerve endings be totally exposed. Otherwise, you might always wonder what could have been, and you’re much, much stronger than you think.

Singles Lovescope

When you’re feeling this serious, casual dating just doesn’t work. Now is the time to rethink what you really want for the long term and then take steps to meet your match or keep things moving if you’ve already got your eye on someone special!

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No matter what the two of you decide to do today, you’ll find the activity exhilarating and great for your spirits. Sometimes all it takes is a little low-key fun to remind you of why you’re together.


Spend your day with people who have all the cares of children. In other words, none of the ones you have. If you can’t find the real thing then settle for those who simply reject adult responsibilities.



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