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To say that the past few days have been tricky, if not downright demanding, isn’t quite capturing the spirit of the times. In fact, you’ve had it with just about everyone and just about everything. Fortunately, you have some time now to separate yourself from whatever or whoever has just pushed your buttons, for what you’ve determined will be the very last time. Make the most of it, and don’t be afraid to take a friend along to enjoy the ride. And the show.

Singles Lovescope

Someone you’ve never met before offers you unsolicited advice, and it’s darn good, so take it. Their observation will stay on your mind for days and slowly lead you to a new discovery.

Couple Lovescope

There’s never been a better time to act on your big ideas. Get your lover on board and start making plans together. You’ll see results before you know it.


Stay focused on money but only in the right way. A long lunch is fine, as long as it doesn’t include shopping. Remind yourself of your new motto: Save, save and save some more.



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