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It’s time for you to be in the audience cheering someone else on. Step offstage and into the wings and let someone else bask in the spotlight for a while. Singing the praises of other people and applauding a job well done costs you nothing, and it means so much to the people receiving your adulation. Your opinions matter to a lot of people, so share them. Try to be more forthcoming with your assessments in the future.

Singles Lovescope

An artist’s space, political group, or almost any kind of active, engaged organization is a great place for you now. Not only can you show off your passions, you can also meet new people who share your interests.

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It’s a good time to sit down with your partner and talk about what you really want now and in the future. You might not realize that you share quite a bit of the same vision.


You can’t organize your feelings into neat little categories. You’re still not sure what to make of the past or what to expect from the future. Stop thinking about it for now and just keep on keeping on. That means continuing to being as thrifty as you can be.



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