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Congratulations! You’ve reached an important milestone, whether you realize it or not. If you still feel like you have a little bit further to go, you could have an unrealistic perception of your capabilities. Right now, your energy is limited, and it’s a good point to take a break. Consider the situation “good enough” and step out of the action for a while. Recharge your batteries now. You can always tackle it again later.

Singles Lovescope

What’s going on: Friendship? Silly flirtation? A new romance? You may be thinking it’s one while they’re thinking it’s quite another. Don’t get super-committed until you’re sure you’re in agreement.

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You’ve had a plan up your sleeve for quite some time. Today’s the day to take it out of the planning stage and into the action stage. Ask your partner for help. You’ll like working together on this.


Your ambitions and your actions aren’t matching up. If you really want to accomplish your goals, you need to start doing things a bit differently. Start by asking for more support from someone in a position to help you and see where that takes you.



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