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Today, the act of selflessly helping others can help you get rid of any guilty feelings you may have about your good fortune. You shouldn’t feel the need to justify your life, but you should definitely remind yourself how lucky you are. Put your needs after the needs of others today, and you’ll feel better about your place in the world. You’ll help create more balance in the universe and give yourself something else to be proud of.

Singles Lovescope

Face-to-face interactions are highly charged, no matter how you manage to pull them off. When it comes to love, things could get extremely hot or cool down to absolute zero very quickly. Change is everything.

Couple Lovescope

You might be a little too worried about how your partner sees you and not enough about how they feel about you. See if you can split the difference and get things back where they belong.


Deep emotions surrounding money affect everything, from your ability to earn it to your relationships. Your focus should be on people rather than numbers, especially if marriage is involved.



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