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They can certainly try to put one over on you, but it’s not going to work. You’ve come up with a brand-new approach to life — ‘just the facts, ma’am’ — and you’re eager to try it out. So when someone comes to you for your opinion, you’ll be happy to share it. Just try to be gentle. Today’s buffet of astrological energies could leave you looking a bit more stern and uncompromising than you really are.

Singles Lovescope

Connections happen in strange ways today. That distant acquaintance you’ve been wanting to meet again just happens to bump into you. Even if sparks don’t fly, they might be the one who introduces you to the right one.

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Socializing and meeting new people at a party can be fun. Get away from your partner (and the bean dip) for a while and mingle! Compare notes later on the best conversationalists.


If you need money to amplify all the good things life has to offer, you’re out of luck. But like a salt free diet, living frugally may make your pallet become more sensitive. Enjoy the subtle changes.



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