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If you’re starting to feel powerless in your current situation at work, it will be easy for you to regain some control now. If you want things to slow down, you can slow them down. And if you want to accelerate them, you can. You’ve been hesitant to flex your muscles because you don’t want to make someone feel threatened or upset. But that has got to stop. You can’t limit your life based on someone else’s insecurity. You are in control of your life.

Singles Lovescope

You occasionally have the urge to disappear to do some heavy thinking. Do so now, if the spirit moves you. Be sure to let the people you love (or want to love one day) know what you’re up to.

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You’ve got some good brainy energy that will keep you both smiling through the morning hours, but something is going to drop later that could make communication difficult for a day or two.


Ignoring all gatherings is a must, even ones that are right under your roof. Nothing should be more important to you than organizing your finances today. You can’t afford to put it off for even one more day, no matter how enticing the social scene near you may be.



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