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Finding some forgotten money in an old coat pocket might make your day, but you should know by now that money doesn’t buy happiness. If you keep this fact at the front of your mind today, it should make it a lot easier to handle any decisions that come your way. Do things because they’re the right thing to do, the fun thing to do, or the enriching thing to do, not because they’re the most profitable thing to do. This isn’t the time to put your wallet ahead of your self-worth.

Singles Lovescope

You may think that what you’re saying (verbally or with body language) is clear as a bell, but a certain someone might not be getting your message. Perhaps it’s time to be a little more obvious?

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Surprise your partner by introducing them to something new. Whether it’s a restaurant they’ve never tried or a new move you just read about online, they’ll love you for keeping things fresh.


A realization gives you more than the shivers — it shoots bolts of electricity right through you. This is a discovery that could change everything so don’t waste the opportunity.



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