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Today is not the time for an in-depth evaluation of a recent mistake you made. There will be plenty of time to go over what you did right and what you did wrong later on in the week. Today, you need to just take a break from all the self-examination and relax. Your emotions are just too close to the surface. They feel too fragile to be dissected. So just live in the moment today and allow yourself to have a good time. Deal with the fallout after you feel recharged and ready to go.

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The person you’re hanging around with lately isn’t so much interested in you as a person. What they can get out of you, however is a different story. If you’re done with the selfishness, give yourself permission to move on.

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Before you make any major decisions when it comes to your heart, read the fine print. Someone who seems too good to be true probably is. Follow your gut more than your heart right now.


You have all that it takes to hunt down your dream and bag it. The only problem is, the dream itself remains elusive. Give yourself a breather. Once you identify your major goals you’ll have an easy time attaining them.



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