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Right now, it’s perfectly okay to take a less than serious attitude about some of your responsibilities. Give yourself permission to have more fun! If you need to run errands today, find out if a friend can come along for the ride. Their company will make things feel more social, and the idle conversation will help you step outside your personal worries and remember that every day can be as enjoyable as you want to make it.

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You’ve got a healthy appetite for fun, and a good time’s waiting. Add a little culture into the picture (music, dance, art?) and you’ve got an automatic topic of conversation.

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Having a memory like an elephant isn’t always a blessing. Chances are you’re still reeling from unfortunate missteps and past indiscretions. Try forgiving even if you can’t forget.


Looks matter, today more than most days. You’re not the only one putting a lot of creativity into how you appear. You might be able to outspend children, but you just can’t out do them. Sigh.



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