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Get off the artistic fence and commit yourself entirely to the process of creation. It might be music or writing or painting or photography that renews your sense of joy, but it’s definitely time to bring it back into your life in a big way. Don’t pressure yourself to produce an instant masterpiece either. That is the one sure way to kill off the creative spark. Dive right in, and most importantly, have fun!

Singles Lovescope

You’re the very soul of compassion, but today a romantic prospect could take your support for granted. Stop parenting and set up boundaries. They may grumble, but they can’t rely on you for everything.

Couple Lovescope

Try to make sure you’re as open as possible to your partner’s position. It will be far too easy for you to get wrapped up in ego issues and neglect the possibility of alternate arrangements.


Service is slower than usual, but it has nothing to with the amount of money you’re spending. It’s as if the universe is determined to treat you like a second rate customer. It’s a good time to remind yourself that your real value is on the inside and no one can change how you feel about it.



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