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Being idealistic isn’t the same as being naive. Don’t be afraid to hope for the best and wish for a more peaceful world. When you focus on making things better, you influence other people to do the same. It’s never a waste of time to talk about what’s wrong and how to fix it. Yes, there are certain things you can’t change. But there is so much you can change! For starters, you can turn a blue friend happy again just by giving them a call. Start with that.

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Where others see only what’s on the surface, you see the light inside other people. Your ability to recognize inner beauty is a gift. To be beautiful in your eyes is a quite a compliment for anyone.

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Watch out for troubles on the home front. It could be shared space or resources that spur the spat, or maybe the two of you are spending too much time at one place? Get to the heart of the matter.


Communication is fast. In fact, it’s a bit too fast. You’ll get asked questions at a rapid-fire pace and you have information at the tip of your tongue. Try to reign yourself in before giving out too many details.



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