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Are you growing increasingly impatient with someone who just can’t seem to make up their mind? Their answers or actions aren’t coming quickly enough, and it looks like what you’re waiting for may never come. This isn’t necessarily bad news, and you should start to get comfortable with that idea. There’s still a chance that things could swing the way you want them to, but it would be wiser not to put all of your eggs into that one basket right now.

Singles Lovescope

A shopping spree might sound like the easiest way to cheer yourself up when your romantic situation isn’t the rom-com you had hoped for. Still, debt is scarier than ennui. See if you can find happiness on the cheap!

Couple Lovescope

A change of scenery will do you both good, especially if there’s been too much staring at the TV and not enough moving around. A bike ride, a long walk, or even a drive out of town will stimulate you.


What could be more fun than making a profit? How about romance, games, even children for starters. Focus on them, because financial satisfaction is not forthcoming.



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