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You might not be prepared for everything that happens today, but you’re never completely surprised. Whether you share the big news with a friend or keep it to yourself is entirely up to you, but chances are good that someone you love needs to know right away. We’re all human, and if anyone needs a confidant right now, it’s you. Don’t hold on to your happy news forever.

Singles Lovescope

Someone you wouldn’t think you had much in common with is going to astound you today. You’ll start up a conversation and then promptly lose all track of time.

Couple Lovescope

Wheedling and begging are so immature. Why not ask for what you want with a dash of sexy charm? Then, if that doesn’t work, try wheedling and begging, just to make your partner (and you) laugh.


Giving to others usually gets your energy flowing, but these days you’re having a hard time convincing yourself. Smoothing out the mistakes of others just galls you. If you have no choice in the matter, then don’t dwell on it.



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