Daily Forecast Libra 04-01


Libra Daily Forecast

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A last-minute reprieve arrives, possibly in the form of a financial rescue or a hot deadline that suddenly gets pushed back. This give you a way out of a confining situation, but it also makes you realize that it’s time to make some major changes so you don’t have to go through this again. Should you commit to something new? Your mental energy is pushing you to go for it.

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Faith and fidelity are in the stars, whether they relate to a past situation or one that’s emerging now. Determine exactly where you stand and how you feel and you’ll be ready to deal.

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You’re feeling super energetic today, so take advantage of it! Make some plans with your partner that get you out of the house and moving around. And lucky you, that extra energy makes your evening special too.


You’re ready to socialize and so are all of your friends. Prepare yourself for a big party as if you’re preparing for an important meeting. Not only will it help you get your resolutions ready, but you just may meet your next business associate.



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