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Now is not the time for superficial judgments and snap decisions. Whatever situation you’re facing deserves very careful consideration and a thorough check with your intuition. Taking what appears to be the path of least resistance could find you trudging up a steep, rocky hill in the very near future. Look to your interests and be aware of what others could stand to gain.

Singles Lovescope

An unusual person calls for an unusual strategy. The ordinary shtick just won’t do, not at all! Take your time and ruminate about how best to approach. Move slowly or you may spook them.

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Although you may want to keep track of everything your partner is doing, resist the temptation! Micromanaging is no more fun in relationships than it is at work. Give them some space, and trust them.


Don’t waste time talking a thing to death. You’ve heard the phrase before. Striking while the iron is hot is your only hope of making a profit, today or any day. Don’t miss the opportunity.



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