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Making someone’s day has always been one of your favorite things to do, and you’ll have your chance to do it again now. A certain person who really needs a break, a smile, and a great big hug could come your way with that look on their face, and you, of course, will know exactly what to do. Without them even having to mention it, those sensitive antennae of yours will guide you toward figuring out exactly what they need and how to provide it. You’re such a sweetie!

Singles Lovescope

You need a change in perspective to help you find fresh leads in the search for love. Broaden those horizons and expand your criteria. Someone really interesting is out there waiting for you to notice them.

Couple Lovescope

You and your partner want to run as fast as you can to get where you think you need to be. The truth is that you’re in exactly the right place. Pay attention to what’s in front of you. You can move on later.


You want to just sit back and observe, and you deserve to. It’s a cheap way of spending the day once you’ve accomplished enough to give yourself a break. Watching the world go by is like taking a free class from the university of life.



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