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It’s one of those days when you just won’t be able to nail things down. Your memory isn’t working so great right now, and you could come off as scattered. But you can get through this period just fine if you cut yourself some slack. So what if you can’t find your keys? And who really cares if you can’t quite remember the name of your friend’s new sweetie? Just let things go, or try your best to live with whatever frustration a lapse might cause.

Singles Lovescope

Does it seem like you have more questions than answers when it comes to romance? Maybe you should find someone to mentor you toward the right path to love. Find someone who seems happy and ask for advice.

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You are not quite sure of where you stand, so it probably isn’t the best time for you to be making decisions. Relax at home this evening and enjoy the grounding comfort of old routines.


Don’t count on the placid exteriors you’re shown early in the day. They belie the bubbling lava just under the surface. Things erupt when you least expect them, and that changes the way things look to you — and it has nothing to do with redecorating.



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